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Vorgesehener Vertriebsweg




Headquartered on the Danube in Vienna, the Crime Squad goes wherever duty takes it: on land and on water, in the capital and throughout the country, this dedicated team solves the most difficult and intriguing cases.

  • Solid, well-produced one-hour crime series
  • Spectacular cases with Austrian flair
  • Strong ensemble cast
  • HD (seasons 6, 7, 8, 9, 10,11)

Vienna‘s Crime Squad is headquartered directly on the Danube, which means that Captain Dirnberger and his crew of highly-skilled specialists sometimes just have to step outside to find a dead body. For the Danube is a great place for criminals to kill enemies, dump bodies and make fast getaways. Vienna‘s Crime Squad boasts three do-or-die inspectors who know Vienna like the back of their hand. Yet Vienna isn‘t the only place where they solve crimes: in Linz, a teenage girl gang‘s „happy slapping“ gets out of control; in an idyllic monastery, two boarders meet their Creator; in Graz, the friend of an inspector seems to be involved in a smuggling ring; and in Southern Austria, the search for a murderer points to the family of one of the investigators... No matter where the team is, its cases are always unconventional and often sensational: from dead refugees with missing kidneys to blackmail among the jeunesse dorée, from a stolen Stradivarius to a murder in the horse-drawn carriage milieu and from a librarian obsessed with Empress Sissi‘s famous star headdress to a „Third Man“-style slaying in Vienna‘s sewers...

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Staffel 10 in Produktion
HD (Staffel 6, 7, 8, 9, 10)

Cast & Crew

Erhard Riedlsperger, Fabian Eder, Holger Gimpel, Christine Wiegand
Stefan Jürgens, Gregor Seberg, Lilian Klebow, Dietrich Siegl, Sandra Cervik, Maria Happel, Helmut Bohatsch, Paul Matic etc.